Marina Scardigli

Marina Scardigli completed her master’s degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Florence in 2014. She obtained her Doctorate in Molecular Medicine at the University of Siena in 2018 under the mentorship of Prof. Corrado Poggesi and PhD Leonardo Sacconi. During her graduate research she studied the electrical properties of the cardiac tubular system in isolated cardiomyocytes. She continued her work as a post-doc at LENS Biophysics Lab under the mentorship of Francesco Saverio Pavone. From 2019, Marina Scardigli’s research activity is focused on the three-dimensional reconstruction of intact neuronal networks, with cellular resolution, of human and animal brains using advanced microscopy techniques such as two-photon fluorescence microscopy and light-sheet microscopy. She optimized tissue transformation techniques to maximize transparency, decrease the endogenous fluorescence typical of human samples, and develop specific staining of different neuronal types with immunofluorescence techniques.