Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Imaging research team aims at developing optical methods for tissue diagnostics using microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. The aim is achieved by using laser microscopy for applications involving tissue diagnostics and pathological assessment, and by using fiber-probe multimodal spectroscopy approach for clinical applications.
Regarding tissue diagnostics and pathological assessment, the development and integration of multiple laser scanning imaging techniques provides a high-resolution label-free alternative to standard histopathological methods for tissue diagnostics since it allows integrating morphological and functional information and correlating the observed molecular and cellular changes with disease behavior.
Moving to clinical applications of spectroscopy, the implementation of fluorescence, Raman, and reflectance spectroscopy within fiber optic probes allows for a more detailed classification of tissues, providing a more accurate diagnosis in terms of both sensitivity and specificity as well as the potential for endoscopic applications.
The methods are applied to a broad range of tissues in collaboration with medical experts.

The main topics addressed by biomedical Imaging research are the following: